Is Your Property Wedding Ready?

When couples are searching for that perfect venue for their special day, they often have a long list of requirements it should meet before they make a choice. We’ve decided to try and help venues, like yours, to reverse engineer the list and help you win more of those loved-up customers and make their day more special.

Wedding Venue over Rolling Hills

Never mind the size of the dress...

The average couple invites 60-150 guests to their wedding, so most looking to get married will have the task of finding a wedding venue which can comfortably seat as many guests, and provide space to get up and dance afterwards. Extensions to your event space, or even partition walls in some cases, can dramatically change your space for the better and open more of your property to partying guests. That many guests also means that many chairs, which is where an extension could become useful once again – those chairs need somewhere to go once the party is over! 

Also consider whether your kitchen is equipped to feed that many guests, and how easy it is for your staff to get that food on the table warm. Some venues may benefit from additions to their kitchen to make it easier to accommodate such a large volume of guests. 

24/7, 365

Weddings happen all year round! To capture as much business as possible, you need to be sure your venue is fit for all the year and in all types of weather. This could look like an outdoor space with a deck as a dance floor for the summer, or a large, heated indoor space with room for tables and dancing in the winter.  

Rock DJ

Weddings are a celebration and a great excuse to dance! Does your venue have the capability to entertain the guests musically? Most DJs won’t need any more than 10 amps for their setup, but depending on the type of reception you are hosting, they may need equipment from you, like a pa system for quieter music and announcements, and they will definitely need a place to set up.  

Picture Perfect

For many wedding guests and happy couples alike, it is essential that the photos they take to look back on are nice to look at through and through.  When families look back on the pictures of their loved one in a big white dress, we think you’ll agree they’d rather not be distracted by worn down surroundings. Consider your wedding space; are there any parts that need a lick of plaster or paint? Is it well lit?  


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