The above images reflect an all too common occurrence relating to home owners undertaking unauthorised and unsubstantiated wholesale removal of load-bearing masonry to a disused chimney stack within the habitable rooms below. Notwithstanding failing to notify under Section 2 of The Party Wall Act 1996 to Adjoining Owners, the consequences of not dealing with the residual structure above the ceiling places a huge health and safety risk to the occupants sleeping below,

Fortunately, following this discovery, our client were quick to respond and appoint us to undertake the structural support to the residual brickwork within the roof space. Operating from a basic drawing concept, we formulated and installed the structural steel support system shown in the images. Assembled as a series of sections to fit within the confined space, this bespoke structural steelwork was designed to pick up the over-sailing brickwork and carry structural loads back through robust load-bearing elements of the building and arrest any further movement.